We offer 2 different options for setting-up: Full and Express. The first option is a full set-up, including fret’s rectification for damaged units. The second one is a better option for those instruments that only need change strings and check if everything is just fine.


Maybe what your instrument needs is to check out the electronics and make some adjustments. Just let us know what’s going on sending a message and we will give you some ideas and a budget to repare that!


New lacquer, renew the original color, getting a full new coloration, a relic style or whatever you have in mind is possible. Give to your instrument the look you always wanted. Send us an email with some references so we can give you a budget!


We make all kind of restorations. The cost depends on each case, and also on the client’s needs. Please send us an email including details of what you’re looking for and pictures of your instrument so we can estimate the budget according to your specific case.


In the same way that restorations and customizations, repairs have a cost that depends on each case. Please send us an email including details of what’s wrong with you instruments, and if possible some pictures, so we can analyze options and budgets.


Do you want to customize your instrument? Bring your ideas and we’ll help you to make them true! Get in touch now. Just send an email with some pics and details and we’ll guide you with specifications and a budget according to your project.