I’ve started as Luthier and Builder 12 years ago, when I’ve started studying with Emmanuel Abeldaño. He’d opened a new world of possibilities and knowledge about construction, acoustic concepts and finish of classic instruments. All those knowledges allowed me then to start with electric instruments, all on my own.

Nowadays, after several years working and experimenting, we finally have a well-designed productive process, fully efficient, ready to build 100% professional guitars and basses with a minimum margin of error.

We are highly self-demanding with all materials we use to build instruments. A good selection of woods, accessories and electronic components guarantee not only first-class esthetic finishes but also well-design sounds according to each client.

We have an independent factory, producing handmade instruments, but incorporating specific machines for this work, including a CNC unit. That’s how we are able to reproduce 100% accurate instruments in less time, always having our human talent behind focused on the final result.

There are not two identical projects. No instrument must be taken lightly. Each of them have its own cares and special difficulties. That’s why the first step here always is to ask for advice. We are ready to help you with all your doubts anytime.

Julián Ovcak.